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Andrew52286 Interview

25 September 2011 @ Guitar Hero Metallica 

Q01 How did you come up with your PSN-ID?
A01 Its my real name (Andrew) Followed by my birthdate. 5/22/86

Q02 How long do you play every day?
A02 I as playing a good 12 - 14 hours a day, No that I'm back to work its more around 8 - 10 hours a day.

Q03 How are you motivated to play so actively?
A03 Really just depends on the game. If it good enough or if I enjoy it enough I'll play non stop. Plus I like to play pretty much any multiplayer games with my friends

Q04 What was your hardest and easiest platinum?
A04 Well, my easiest must be Megamind. My hardest is a toss up between. Guitar Hero Metallica, Nail'd, and Fight Night Round 4.

Q05 What was your first PS3 game and your first platinum trophy?
A05 Uncharted Drakes Fortune & Uncharted Drakes Fortune

Q06 What are your 3 favourite PS3 games?
A06 Batman Arkham Asylum, Gran Turismo 5, & MAG.

Q07 Where do you get all your games from? Do you buy them or rent/lend them?
A07 All the PSN ones I buy. I buy most of my reatil. I do have friends that trade me/let me borrow games from time to time.

Q08 Do you have a target, how many trophies/platinums you wanna obtain per day/week/month/year?
A08 Not Really, I just earn as I play. I try to get the trophies as I'm playing. But if I get to frustrated I just take a break.

Q09 Which game consoles did you use before you bought a PS3? (Gameboy, N64, NES, SNES...)
A09 PS2, PSP, PSX. I'm a Sony boy. Lol

Q10 Would you sell your PSN account for money? If you would, how much would you want to have for it?
A10 If the price was right. I have about 3K worth of merchandise on my account plus the trophies. so, it easily worth 5 - 6 thousand.

Is there anything else you wanna say? Now is your chance!
Not really. I appreciate the interview though. :)

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