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Roughdawg4 Interview

18 September 2011 @  Captain America: Super Soldier   

Q01 How did you come up with your PSN-ID?
It was a nickname I got when I was in highschool. I punched out the school bully in my freshman year when he was picking on me and a friend and people have called me that ever since. I have thought about changing it but I am just too lazy. I actually had boxing lessons for about 2 years before that incident so I think the bully should have done his homework

Q02 How long do you play every day?
I probably put in about 3 hours in the morning each day. I wake up early because I have trouble sleeping and I game for a few hours before work. If the wife is in a good mood or working late, I will play some more when I get out. My wife hates video games so I try not to play that much to keep her happy :)

Q03 How are you motivated to play so actively?
I love playing all video games. I am sure you might agree to this, but you have to love playing all video games or you cannot make it this far. You see so many people flame out and its obvious they are not having any enjoyment. Sure a few titles piss me off here and there and I wonder why I do it but then you play that rare gem that you might not have played and it is all worth it.

Q04 What was your hardest and easiest platinum?
My easiest platinum has to Terminator Salvation. When you don't need a guide or any hints to platinum a game, its that easy.
My hardest platinum has to be GTA IV. Even though Fight Night Round 4 is my rarest one, to get the belts took teamwork with 8 other friends and GTAIV represented a long grind online. I kept thinking how is Rockstar going to screw me from my platinum but once I got it I was so happy.

Q05 What was your first PS3 game and your first platinum trophy?
My first PS3 game was Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Even though it does not have trophies, I recommend everyone to try it out especially since they are re-releasing it. I must have sunk 250 hours into the game and it was so fun playing in an open world. It is still in my top 5 games on the PS3 System. My first platinum was the Sega Megadrive Collection. I am a RPG junkie and i was young when the super nintendo / Sega Genesis came out and I got a SNES. Since I did not have a Sega, I missed out on the Phantasy Star Series so I bought the game specifically for that. And after playing all 4 games that series is freaking awesome :)

Q06 What are your 3 favourite PS3 games?
Borderlands, Army of Two, Resident Evil 5

Q07 Where do you get all your games from? Do you buy them or rent/lend them?
Most of my games come from Gamefly so I rent them. The rest of the games I have come from my website We have a lot of the top trophy hunters in the world on the site and we trade games and imports with each other. You are able to play so many games that normally cost alot of money and only pay for the shipping to get it to the next person.

Q08 Do you have a target, how many trophies/platinums you wanna obtain per day/week/month/year?
I used to pay attention to this but not so much anymore. Whatever I get is what I get. I only care about earning a platinum in every game I play.

Q09 Which game consoles did you use before you bought a PS3? (Gameboy, N64, NES, SNES...)
NES, SNES (FAVORITE ALL TIME), Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Game Gear, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, PS3

Q10 Would you sell your PSN account for money? If you would, how much would you want to have for it?
Wow this is a tough one. I play by myself and I have not hacked any platinums whatsoever. Years worth of work I mean I would have to get at least $20,000 to even think about it and even then I am not sure. Since me and my wife make good money, it would have to be a significant offer to get me interested but I doubt anyone would pay me what I expect :)

Is there anything else you wanna say? Now is your chance!
I would like to thank you for letting me be a part of this. I just recently got to the 200 platinum mark and it feels good to be in rare company.  

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