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Warfigher Interview

18 November 2011 @  Dead Rising 2

Q01 How did you come up with your PSN-ID?
A01 There is really a funny story behind that ,wish was that i wanted badly warfighter with a T because i use to be a big fan of GHOST RECNON ADVANCE WARFIGHTER but yet it was already taken so i decided to eliminate the T since it was kind of muted.

Q02 How long do you play every day?
A02 Somewhere between 7 to 8 hours may be more depending on life schedule.

Q03 How are you motivated to play so actively?
A03 Well i do play while my little 4 years old daughter play her wii or wacth tv ,so she is kind of my motivation always caming with"came on daddy don't give up,you got to try and try ..."while frustrated and ready to quit,also that throne look good lol.

Q04 What was your hardest and easiest platinum?
A04 Hardest one was CATHERINE ,easiest one will be UP the game.

Q05 What was your first PS3 game and your first platinum trophy?
A05 I think it was LITTLE BIG PLANET ,iam still a big fan of the game .

Q06 What are your 3 favourite PS3 games?

Q07 Where do you get all your games from? Do you buy them or rent/lend them?
A07 I buy them most of the time and never sell them back even after plating them ,am a sort of big collector ,but i also do rent them when am not sure if i will like the game or not ,that help me decided weather or not to buy them later.

Q08 Do you have a target, how many trophies/platinums you wanna obtain per day/week/month/year?
A08 I really don't have a precise target there.

Q09 Which game consoles did you use before you bought a PS3? (Gameboy, N64, NES, SNES...)

Q10 Would you sell your PSN account for money? If you would, how much would you want to have for it?
A10 No i wouldnt.

Is there anything else you wanna say? Now is your chance!
Duck wacth your back!!lol none really.


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